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''Starring a fiery Ellen WIlliams as the robust protagonist, Williams captivates her audience, ensuring her character’s strength is on full exhibit without compromising the remaining personas. The cast have convincing chemistry; NIDA graduate Neil Modra testing the obstinate ‘bride to be’ in a dramatic power struggle showdown.''-

Chantal Walsh, Alt Media

"Ellen Williams is impressive as our heroine, with a deeply authentic fury and righteousness that gives the show its poignant

foundations. We share Antigone’s beliefs, and are thrilled to see her fighting with conviction and wild abandon. Williams shows glimpses of tenderness and sadness that helps us connect with her role’s humanity..."

- Suzy Wrong, Suzy goes see

"Ellen Williams as Antigone is surly and hidden yet present and mesmerising."

- Judith Greenaway, Australian stage

Ellen Williams is a highly professional, talented and dependable actress whom I have had the privilege of working with recently, both on my feature film, ‘Battalion’, produced in Queensland last year, and in another small project which we shot in Tennant Creek, Northern Territory in 2014. I was impressed with her performance during the shoot at Tennant Creek despite the extremely remote location and intense heat. Where many actors would have struggled, Ellen rose to the challenge, remaining focused on set and bringing a liveliness and intensity to her character.

- Mike Holligan


(paraphrased) Ellen was very easy to work with despite how cold it was.  We appreciated her patience throughout the whole thing –

she is an absolute legend.

  - Abel Robinson

"Ellen joined the production very last-minute and without much time to rehearse, and yet she pulled it off. It was a joy getting to meet her and she was a pleasure to work with."

-George Ronsin

"Ellen Williams is a feisty, very contemporary Antigone - more Summer Bay than ancient Thebes – and she’s persuasive in the role"  - Jason Blake, SMH.

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